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01.30.2022 Southern Sun H-132 'Ship's History Page'   
02.21.2022 'Our Sun' Magazines including years from 1941 thru 1946. Covers the complete
    'Our Yard' magazine story of WWII and '4-Yard'
02.21.2022 Marine Eagle   H-340   Sun Ship Hull History Record. First ship launched from 
    '4-Yard' and christened by Rachel Stevenson.       Pending
02.21.2022   -Rachel Stevenson 93-20   Sun Ship Employee History Record. Christened 'Marine Eagle', H-340. First ship launched from '4-Yard' and first Black lady to christen a ship the size of a C-4 Cargo Ship
05.28.2022 -Sun Oil's 'Seamen's Memorial' at Marcus Hook:  Detail of ships and Sun Oil Seamen referenced on the memorial  

07.17.2022: Contributors Page
1: Donation by Frank Riccardella and Granddaughter Regina Murphy of July, 1985 edition of Ex-CBI (China-Burma-Theater) with WWII reference to our 'Marine Raven' H-341
2: Donation by Leo Fine (59D & Local 802) of memorabilia pertaining to; Sun Ship, Penn Ship and East Coast Fabricators.

07.19.2022: Help Us Identify These Archives
See: Sun Ship's 'Milestones Series of the U.S. Merchant Marine' SSHS#: 107_19

07.20.2022: Ship's of Sun Ship
See: 168    M.S. Pennsylvania Sun