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This page is dedicated to those who have either contributed information, memorabilia and / or time and effort.  Their contributions are greatly appreciated and without their help and support, the Sun Ship website would not be a reality. 
Note:     If anyone has inadvertently been missed,  please let us know and we will
             immediately rectify the error.
Joseph (88 Dept) & Marge Osiphat
John O'Donnel Chemist Dept)
Ed & Beth McCarron
Betty Kavanagh
John Bullock (oldchesterpa.com)
Chris Kavanagh
Angel McCarron
Anne Ireland MacDonald
Hagley Museum and Library
Joseph DiGregorio (33M Dept)
Joanne Italiano

John Costello (SSHS Historian)
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Hunter (33I Dept)
Bob (Hull Supt.) & Gloria Hartman
Dave Johnson (82 Dept)
George Howarth 59 Dept 
Estel Hicks (59 Dept)
Richard Osman in memory of his
Father, Harry Osman - Hull Drawing
Jay Pitts in memory of his 
Father, Jim Pitts (Asst' Supt)
Rennee' Frassoni
Richard Carr (81 Dept.)
Don Brett (FL)
Ed & Toni McCarron
John Cordy 
David Boone
Fred Eckley
Master Derrick Boat Titan
U.S Army Corps of Engineers
Ed Cavlson for dontation of photo of
Colonial Beacon
Robert Bonkowski
(Electrical Apprentice)
Norm (Bill) Hibbert
33 and 32 Departments
David McKee
82 Dept (Plant Engineering)
Vic Kushto
66 Dept.
Jan Carlson
Testing Dept.
Anne Tonelli 
Bond & Insurance Dept's (WWII)
Don Verdiani and Sunoco , Inc.
For: Donation of Sun Ship half-hull model of the S.S. John B. Water-
man (Hull 679)
Sam James
Transportation Historian and 
member of the Steamship Historical Society
Donald McKay V
(See  pictures of the launcing of the Donald McKay, Hull 175 - PENDING)
Jack Webber
Pipe Shop
Paul Pismalec
William Walls, Jr.
Industrial Eng. in the 1950's. Son
of Bill Walls Asst' Foreman 33M
Scott Rickards in memory of his father
Dave C. Rickards (47 Shop)
Michael Lubragge
Quality Assurance (70 Dept)
Charles Morris
Sun Oil Photographer (Retired)
Bill Whaley
Electrical Installation (33I)
John Mitchell
For: Dontations of memorabilia at the Marcus Hook presentation 5/08
Ron Fellman
For: Donations of memorabilia at the Marcus Hook presentation 5/08
Jo Flannery
For: Donation of T-2 tanker S.S. Harlem Heights( Hull 244), builders plate in memory of her husband Paul Flannery
Charles and Lois (Mckenny) McCauley
For: Donations of Sun Ship memorabilia.  Relatives of Charles and Lois have been employees of Sun Ship as far back as 1916.
Will Keller: 
Ship Repair, Planning, Ship Repair Sales, Naval Architecture Dept's
For: Donations of numerous artifacts and memorabilia including many blueprints and the T-2 Tanker Specifications book.
Ray Kowalchuk
For: Donation of Sun memorabilia, specifically related to the history of the Sun Ship Band, in memory of his father Michael Kowalchuk of 59 Dept who was a member of the Sun Ship Band.
Rich Janney of 59 Dept.
In addition to working in the Welding Dept. at Sun Ship, he was assigned to Bath Iron Works on Sun Ship's subcontracted Hull 683. For: Pictures and text of his remembrances while at BIW 
Theresa Biasi:
In memory of her father Joseph A. Baisi, Assistant to the President of Schenley, Inc.
John Glandfield
For: Donation of Sun memorabilia, specifically related to the history of the Ponce de Leon (Hull 647).
Karen Sachs
For: Donation of Sun memorabilia, in memory of her grandfather, Edward Kluchinski
Doris R. Frederick:2016.03
For donation of Sun Ship memorabilia  to the SSHS in memory of her husband, Carlton Frederick, who in his capacity as Property and Marine Insurance Manager for Sun Oil, was involved with both Sun Ship and Suncor..
Dave Moorehead: 2015.04
For: Donation of Sun Ship archive records to the SSHS.
Richard Orth: 2015.08
For: Donation of Sun Ship archive records to the SSHS.
Phil Bayer:
Administrative Mgr. PRMMI
For: Donations of memorabilia including pictures of the "Bayamon" 
Roger Melton: 2016.09
Roger was an employee of Sun Ship and Penn Ship working in Hull Outfitting Drawing, Structural Drawing and Ship Repair.
For donation of his personal collection of Sun Ship memorabilia  to the SSHS. 
Tex Lanier: 2016.10
For: Donation of the family's Sun Ship memorabilia to the SSHS in memory of his Mother; Bertha Dimeler Lanier (Sponsor of the ship  "BLack Jack"-Hull 422) and his Grandfather; Clayton Dimeler (Controller at Sun Ship)
David Dean: 2017.01
For donation of Sun Ship artifacts in memory of his Great-Uncle Horace Raylman
Joel Chanitz: 2017.12  & 2018.05
Joel was an employee of Sun Ship and worked in 91 Dept. (Computer)
For: Donation of Sun Ship artifacts and his personal memorabilia.
Tom Lamb: 2017.11
Tom had worked for Sun Marine.For donation of Sun Ship artifacts
Patricia Smith and James Duthie's grandchildren of James R. Wyatt. :2019.04.01
For donation of the James R. Wyatt, historic maritime book collection.
Rose Frank, daughter of Harry Frank 47 Dept :2019.08.01
For donation of Our Yard magazines and the 'Products & Services' book.
Walt Schanbacher: 2020.06
Walt was legal counsel for Sun Ship (1979-1983) and Sun Co. (1982-2008). He is also associated with the Delaware Valley Sun Alumni.
For: Donation of Sun Ship memorabilia.
Mrs. Margaret Adams 2020.11
For loan of the 'Launching Booklet' of the Seven Pines H-259 for digitizing photos and memorabilia.
Frank Riccardella & Regina Murphy.
Frank was a WWII Vet-China-Burma-India Theater.(Regina-Granddaughter.)
Donating 'ex-CBI Roundup' magazine
with article on our SS 'Marine Raven'
H-341 (SSHS: 67_05) 2011.07.12
Leo Fine and son Steve Fine.
Leo was a welder in 59D and an Officer in our Local 802 Boilermakers Union.
Leo was also a principal  in 'East Coast Fabricator's located in the 'Old Boiler-shop. Steve brought Leo's collection of Sun Ship, Penn Ship and East Coast Fabricators memorabilia to SSHS.  This collection includes; Launching Plaque for our hull H-314 'Fort Necessity'.
(SSHS: 67_04) 2022.07.19
Robert Croasdale and Family:
Robert Croasdale was a seaman for the Atlantic Refining Company and his daughter Pamela Croasdale donated a model he had made of his favorite ship, the T2 tanker 'Atlantic Refiner' H-488 . See: Ships of Sun Ship-Hull 488 (2023.12.24)