Last Years of Sun Ship
The following are memories of Rich Janney's time at BIW (Bath Iron Works) including; 
1)Pictures of the Sun Ship personnel that were at Bath Iron during the construction of Sun's contract    683 ('HSTC-1), also known as the 'Sugar Barge'.
2)Rich Janney's 5-page documentary on his time at BIW in 1981-1982.

Our thanks to Rich Janney for donating these items to the SSHS and  putting his memoires to 'paper'. 
Dave Kavanagh.
The Last Years of Sun Ship
By: Rich Janney (59D)
Rev: 07.18.2016
Party given for Marty Martinson upon his leaving the 'HSTC-1' project at Bath Iron Works. Attending (L to R): Back row-Jim Durkin, Rich Janney, Jim Knox, Paul Young, John Wolf, Pete Ross. Front row-Barbara (Local), Bill Winans, Sophia Martinson, Marty Martinson, Holly (Local). Picture taken in the late summer of 1981.
Picture and text courtesy of Rich Janney
Picture and text courtesy of Rich Janney
Marty and Sophia Martinson at the aforementioned party.
Picture and text courtesy of Rich Janney
(L to R): John Wolf and Marty Martinson. When a new person joined the Sun Ship BIW team, it was protocol that the person 'new' held a party.
This photo was taken during the cook-out given by Rich Janney upon his arrival at BIW.