Sun Ship Publications 
This section of the web site is devoted to Sun Ship's various publications. Through our efforts and help from friends of the society, we have been able to obtain a number of both hard copies and digital copies of various Yard publications. There is a wealth of information about the Yard and it's people within these pages. More postings will follow and we hope you will enjoy this visit to Sun Ship's past, Dave Kavanagh
Note 1: Future publications will be added as time permits.

Note 2: A "Tip of the Society's Hat " to those who assisted SSHS in acquiring copies of Sun Ship publications including: 
            Past employees,friends and family, Sun Ship Historical Society, Delaware County Historical Society, Hagley Museum             and Library, Independence Seaport Museum and others.
Products & Services Book  1946
Updated:  05.03.2009
Tanker Sun Ship's T-2
Specification Book
Updated: 02.25.2016
"Our Yard" Magazine
Updated: 02.27.2024
"Sun Log" Newspaper
Updated: 02.24.2016
"Sun Dial" Newspaper
Updated: 02.05.2019
Telephone Directories
Updated: 03.29.2016