Can You Help Us Identify These Archives?
Sun Ships: Milestone Series of the U.S. Merchant Marine:
SSHS#: 107_19    Posted: 2022.07.19
In the 'ongoing' process of digitizing our Sun Ship archives, I came across the following set of tri-folds, 1 thru 4. They are describing 'Milestones' in our maritime history. We only have these items and do not know if there were more of them? Or, why Sun Ship went all the way back to the 1700's? Was the intent to publish them to the day of publishing? Hoping someone might be able to let us know:
1. Why were they published?
2. When were they published?
3. Who was in charge of this endeavor?
We are hoping you can help us identify these items from our archives
Dave Kavanagh.