The Guppy: Sun Ship's Hydro-Space Explorer
Note 1: The Guppy has been relocated from the Independence Seaport Museum to:
     National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum
             50 S 1st Ave, Coatesville, PA 19320
             Date: 2/23/2018

Photograph courtesy of HML
"Guppy's" Fact Sheet
The National Iron and Steel Museum is located on the old site of the Lukens Steel Plant. The hemi-spheres for Sun Ship’s submersibles including; the ‘GUPPY’, the ‘DEEP QUEST’ (Bi-Sphere) and the ‘DSRV’ (Navy’s Tri-Sphere-Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle) were manufactured at the Lukens’s Steel Plant in Coatesville, PA.
Photo courtesy of ISM: 20180223_080035
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"Guppy's" Sun Log's Story  01/1971
Photograph courtesy of George Howarth (59 Dept.)
Courtesy of HML
Drawing used at Industrial Exhibit
Artist's Conceptual Drawing
Artist's Conceptual Drawing
Sun Ship attending Industrial Exhibit
Courtesy of HML
'Guppy' leaving ISM