Sun - Doxford Diesel Engine
Note 1:  Information identifed with "hml" has been obtained thru the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, DE USA.  Use of this information is prohibited without the express permission of the Hagley Museum and Library.  Contact Marge McNinch at the Hagley Museum and Library for use of their material  The Hagley Museum and Library has an extensive collection of  Sun Shipbuilding archival material both printed and photographic.
Note 2:  Information identified with "dmk" has been obtained from the personal collection of David Kavanagh.  Contact the Sun Ship Historical Society for use of the information.
Sun Ship had produced the Sun - Doxford engine under license from the William Doxford and Sons Engine Works in Sunderland England for many years.  The engine was built in Sun's Wetherill Plant at 6th and Upland Streets in Chester, PA USA.  This information has been obtained from many sources and transcribed for viewing on the website.  Accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed and clarification from a seperate source, by the user, is required.  This is the first draft of this section of the website and hopefully additional information will be forthcoming.
The Sun - Doxford Engine was built at Sun Ship for installation in both Sun's hulls as well as for installation on ships from other shipbuilding firms.  These lists are not complete and as further information becomes available, it will be included. 
Sun hulls that were powered by the Sun - Doxford engine would include; MS Miller County,  MS America Sun and Class (7,500 HP) and the MS City of New York (Twin 2,700 SHP engines). 
Non-Sun built ships that were powered by our Sun - Doxford Engines include; the MS Bidwell (4 Cylinder / 2,700 SHP), The Ford ore carriers Heny Ford II (3,000 SHP) and the Benson Ford (3,200 SHP), MS Challenger (4 Cylinder / 2700 SHP / 78 RPM).  
From the Sun Ship "Products and Services" book 1946 (Courtesy D.Kavanagh)
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                                                        Sun - Doxford Engine                                                     
America Sun
                                     MS City of New York                               
       From "The Sun-Doxford opposed-piston solid-injection Oil Engine" (Courtesy of Hagley Museum and Library)               
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From a reprint of Diesel & Oil Engineering Hand Book 1925-1926 
MS Bidwell
2,700 S.H.P
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Miller County
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Henry Ford II
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Ford Doxford Engine
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Doxford Engines
Benson FordI
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