Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company 
   Divisional/Departmental Information
Div/Dept. Descriptions
The following information is presented to reflect the detailed areas of responsibilities that are required to manage and operate a shipbuilding facility and to perform tasks associated with new hull construction, ship repair and ship conversion.  In addition to maritime related work,  Sun Ship also performed work for industries not associated with shipbuilding.  This non-maritime work was performed by a division within Sun Ship known as the Industrial Products Division and this group was responsible for specialized fabrication and design including; oil refinery equipment, NASA rocket casings, components for the DSRV (Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel) for emergency rescue of submariners of all nationalities, bridge supports and large steel assemblies such as the Wind Tunnel at the Boeing facility at Ridley Twp, PA. (note: the steel structure that was fabricated by Sun Ship can be seen on the west side of Route 291 at the Boeing facility), etc.

Rev: April 21, 2020
The management and operations of the shipyard were broken down into divisions and departments. Divisions were comprised of a number of departments whose personnel were assigned to specific areas of  expertise assocated with yard operation including:
-Hull Division:steel fabrication & assembly and included the fabrication shop, erectors, stage builders, etc.
-Welding:  Welders & Burners
-Wetherill Plant: Forging & large machining operations 
-Machinery: included disciplines such as; pipe fitting, machinery, electrical and copper shops
-Industrial Products:  non-maritime projects: Boeing Wind Tunnel, Bridge Supports, Rocket Casings
-Management: Office related activities including human relations, timekeeping, security, purchasing, etc.
-Outfitting:  including rigging, painting, sheet metal, cleaning, etc.
-Ship Related Engineering:  engineering disciplines including design and drafting of piping, machinery, hull   structures, electrical, etc.
-Facilities:  engineering and support staff associated with operating the physical plant including; Plant         Engineering, transportation, mechanical and electrical maintenance, yard labor, tool room, etc.