Sun Ship Winter Jan-2005
Photo taken from Sun Ship Bridge over Ridley Creek, looking east towards the Delaware River.
DMK#: 050112.005

These pictures were taken by David Kavanagh in Jan. of 2005
Note 1:
Photo taken from river end of No. 8 Pier looking inshore at No. 8 Shipway with Fab shop in background
DMK#: 050112.029
Photo taken from 1 Pier looking inshore over No.1 Wet Basin.  Pipe Shop on left and Boiler Shop on Right
DMK#: 050112.087
Photo taken from front of 33 Installation Shop looking East over No.1 Wet Basin
DMK#: 050112.091
Photo of remains of Main Office taken from Office Parking Lot, South of building
DMK#: 050112.126
Photo of remains of North Side of Boiler Shop along with Annealing Furnace
DMK#: 050112.158
Photo of Engineering / Management Building, Eddystone, PA.
DMK#: 050112.078
Photo of Pipe Shop South Side taken from Main Office Parking Lot.
DMK#: 050112.078
Photo of Boiler Shop and Heat Plant from River Side
DMK#: 050112.0XX
Remains of No.6 Shipway's support columns.  Taken from North side of shipway looking South.
DMK#: 050112.055
View of Fabrication Shop, Plate Yard and N/C shop from Boiler Shop Roof Line
DMK#: 050116.010
Reading Crane being removed from Pipe Shop.  Crane was sold to CitiSteel in Claymont, DE
DMK#: 050221.026
View from Boiler Shop roof looking North/East at previous locations of; Power House, Tool Room, Central Maintenance and Central Yard Shipways.
DMK#: 050221.012
View from Boiler Shop roof looking South at previous locations of; Main Office, Main Locker Room Complex and Time Alley.
DMK#: 050221.014